Trading & Sourcing company in Israel

The best full services from the raw material quality control 
to the final delivery of the products in your warehouse.

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We have today the ability to source any type of product, innovation and new technology in Israel.

Founded in 1999 by Irene Feder-Rosemblaum, EREN. R Company is a leading sourcing
firm in Israel, collaborating and working with the strongest retailers in the world and
promoting the industrial consumer products filed abroad.

Eren R. Company is present in more than 25 countries and 4 different continents. We partner with the factories on various aspects of the export field such as consulting and risk management on their international export activity, on-demand sourcing products, guiding them through the steps of becoming  global sellers, preparing the organizations to social audits and quality controls, support them in all the specifics call for tender and customizing the offered value-proposition to your needs.

Why sourcing with us ?


More than 25 years’ experience

We have a perfect knowledge and a strong expertise. Working with the biggest groups in the world and have gained the trust of as many as 30 factories in Israel that work with us exclusively.


A coordination from A to Z

We are confident in our efficiency to assist you with the best full services in the sourcing activity from the raw material quality control to the final delivery of the products in your warehouse.


Listening to you & always available

Our various locations, help us to answer and fulfill your requests within a few days, or even a few hours. We have a 99% satisfaction rate among our biggest clients.


Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime in order to set up a first entrevue.

Our services

Confidence, Partnership and Savoir-Faire towards success.


Quality Control
& Social audits

Logistics, consolidation
& shipments


Back office &
administrative support

Business tours

Our sectors of activities

Our company is an indispensable support in the retail-network that
specialize in many fields, focused on innovation, such as:

Care icon Israel

Storage, bathroom accessories, sanitary items, textile cleaning, etc. First position worldwide in the plastic injection field.

Gardening icon Israel

First position worldwide in the irrigation Field.

Smart home icon Israel

Innovative ideas of smart products in all the fields (gardening, lighting, pets products, etc.)

Food icon Israel

We partner with one of the biggest foodtech incubator in Israel.

Business icon Israel

We absolutely can assist you in any demand and in any field.

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Why sourcing in Israel ?

The most successful businesspersons in the world acknowledge Israel’s business potential and understand that the country is only 72 years old and just getting started.


Our team

Eren R. Company’s success is the result of our experts’
talented and collective work. Meet some of us here !

Irène Feder

CEO - Founder

Marie Asseraf

Financial Director

Steven Balajewiez

Back Office Manager

Meet EREN R at following events

Event ErenR 2020


06-08.09.2020 • Cologne

Look forward to spoga+gafa 2020: Even more international, even more diversified!


07-11.02.2020 • Frankfurt

The trade fair where the future becomes
the present: 2020 looks good.

Speech ErenR Israel


07-11.02.2020 • Frankfurt

The trade fair where the future becomes
the present: 2020 looks good.

Contact us

Contact us

Irène ErenR

French-Israeli Chamber of Commerce
Honored by Mr. Shimon Peres

Ben Gourion 33, 4678540 Herzylia – Israel
France: 00 33 6 77 50 50 42 – Israel: 00 972 524 586 542
Skype: irenefeder1

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